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How Would I Know If I May Be In Need Of A New Roof?

The roof of your home has a big job! It endures the elements daily to keep you and your home safe. While high-quality, professionally installed roofing materials live a good life, there does come a time where they need to be replaced. Below are a few questions to ask yourself which could determine “how” in-need your home is of a new roof.

How Old Is Your Home?

If your home is 20-25 years old, it is time to call the professionals at Precision Remodeling Solutions! At this age, your roof may be hiding multiple costly problems. Another factor the professionals will look for would be how many layers of shingles your roof has. Multiple layers of shingles on a 20+ year old roof could mean time for a new roof. Not sure of the last time your roof was replaced? The professionals at Precision Remodeling Solutions will be able to give you their expert recommendations.

When was the last time you had your roof inspected or maintained?

We typically recommend that you have your roof inspected every one-three years. By having a professional inspect your roof, potential hazards and future problems may be avoided, thus the life of your roof extended. There are also items listed below which you may be able to check yourself, which we recommend to do yearly.

Problems to Look at From the Outside of Your Home

Are there roof granules in your gutters?

A good place to start when looking into the status of your roof is the gutters. If there are a large amount of shingle granules in your gutters, that is an indication of needing a new roof. The shedding of granules shows age. Gutters are very important to the overall life of your roof and should be checked a few times a year to make sure you don’t see a build up of the granules mentioned above and that they are functioning and draining properly.

Are you missing any shingles? Are there shingles that are curling?

From the ground, you will be able to see if shingles are missing. This could lead to leaks and more. By inspecting the areas of your roof that get the most direct sunlight, you may see your shingles are curling. While patching of shingles is possible, the integrity of your roof may be at risk. Also, if you see multiple shingles missing or curling in the valley of your roof, that should definitely be inspected by a professional. Issues with the valley, the most important part of a roof, could lead to leakage into your home.

Problems to Look at From the Inside of Your Home

Is there light peeking through?

If you have the ability to access your attic space, there are a few things to check for. If you can see light shining through in any spots, that means that moisture and air are able to get through too.

Dark spots or leaks?

If you see dark spots or any unusual discoloration in the attic, it may be a leak coming through from outside, which could be causing mold. It is important to find the source of the leak right away to prevent further damage.

Sagging in the roof?

Seeing areas of your roof that are sagging means that there is most likely a structural issue going on. All of these issues are a cause to call an expert.

If any of the above issues apply to you and your home, it is time to contact the roofing installation experts at Precision Remodeling Solutions. They will do a full roofing inspection and make suggestions based on the results. Being a GAF certified contractor, George Hyjurick and his team offer the highest quality service and top-notch roofing materials to residents of Lower and Central Bucks County and New Castle County.

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