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The Advantages of Working With a GAF-Certified Roofer

Working with a roofing contractor for your roof replacement project is always a smart idea. Finding one, however, can be quite the challenge. You’ll want to research your options carefully before making the right hire. Fortunately, there is a particular credential that you can look for that sets a reputable roofer from the rest of the field.

Precision Remodeling Solutions is proud to be certified by GAF, the largest roofing material manufacturer in North America. Today, we explain what you need to know about this certification and the reasons why you should choose a GAF-certified contractor like us.

About the GAF Certification

GAF is all about making sure homeowners can make safe roofing choices. This is the reason why the manufacturer established its certification program to point consumers to reliable and qualified roofing contractors. At the same time, it focuses on helping roofing contractors develop their expertise and offer outstanding services to their customers.

For a roofing contractor to receive this distinction, it must adhere to GAF’s high-level criteria of quality. In addition to carrying proper licenses and full insurance, it must also maintain a solid and demonstrable reputation and a commitment to ongoing training and development.

Why Hire a GAF-Certified Roofer

Working with a GAF-certified roofing contractor has its unique advantages. For one, you gain access to GAF’s products, which are some of the best in the industry. GAF certification guarantees you’ll have better shingles and other roofing components protecting your home. It also assures you that all manufacturer warranties that back them up are valid.

A GAF-certified roofer has been in business for many years with consistently positive reviews, ensuring a positive experience for your roof replacement project. Moreover, its installation crew undergoes regular training, which means you can expect the roof replacement process to follow the latest procedures and innovations.

Precision Remodeling Solutions is a leading roofing contractor in the local area focusing on roof installations and repairs as well as emergency roof services. Give us a call at (215) 360-5857 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.

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