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Top Scams Unscrupulous Roofers Make

The home improvement industry is no stranger to scams, with roofing being one of the most prone to such schemes. Every year, unsuspecting homeowners are tricked into putting out thousands of dollars just to get their roofs fixed, only to discover shoddy workmanship that leaves them with more problems. Understanding these scams will not just benefit you but also roofing contractors that offer honest service.

Poor Repair Job

This scam is hard to spot and it can take long before you realize the roofer you’ve worked with months ago ran away with your money. It is easy for someone to show off their “expertise” by putting on new shingles and say that the roof is repaired. However, most roofing problems are often hidden from view, and these are not addressed during the repair. In the end, your roof looks great on the surface but it is performing nearly as bad as it was before.

Unnecessary Repairs

While some less-than-reliable roofers skimp on work, others perform too much than what is necessary. Like the one above, this scam is also hard to detect. They begin by offering to “perform an inspection,” then telling you that there are “problems” that would need to be addressed when there’s none. In some cases, they do find issues but proceed to replace the roof entirely even when the damage is not enough to justify the remedy.


Reputable roofing contractors provide reasonable estimates. You can’t say the same for scammers; they either overcharge or offer a lower bid. In determining shady roofers, you shouldn’t just rely on what their provided estimates tell you. As you put your prospective roofers on your shortlist, make sure you look up their qualifications and credentials. Ask questions as well so you know what you can expect from the roofer.

Steer clear of roofers who commit these scams. For quality roofing services, turn to Precision Remodeling Solutions. We are your leading roofing contractor for your needs. Call us today at (215) 360-5857 or fill out our contact form to request a free estimate.

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