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Typical Roof Replacement Timeline: What to Expect

Roof replacement is a great way to update your home, improve curb appeal, and boost your home’s protection against the elements. Before tackling this project, however, you must first become familiar with what the roof replacement process entails. Precision Remodeling Solutions, one of the top roofers in the local area, offers a detailed look at a typical roof replacement timeline.

Preparing for the Roof Replacement

Now that you’ve hired a roofing contractor, expect the pros to prepare everything before they begin the roof replacement process. A few days or a week leading up to the start date of the installation, they’ll deliver a dumpster to your home for disposing of the materials from your current roof. The new roofing materials will arrive at your home as well.

The roofing pros will take appropriate measures to protect your belongings. This can be done days before or on the first day of the installation itself. Since this project can be messy, expect them to use plywood, tarps, and drop cloths to cover and protect your lawn, flower beds, and shrubs as well as the furniture and other fixtures in your patio or deck.

You should also do your part in preparing for the roof replacement. If you have pets, talk to your contractor to see if they need to be relocated to a temporary shelter in the meantime. Also, see to it that the crew can easily enter and exit your property; ask them to close the gate behind them when going in or out.

Tear-Off and Initial Installations

The actual roof replacement starts with the pros prying the old shingles and roofing components lose off your roof. They begin from the ridge cap shingles to each row of shingles down to the eaves until the wooden decking is all that’s left.

Before they install the new shingles and roofing materials, however, they make sure the decking is intact. Any soft, wet, or rotted wood will be replaced, while the rest of the sheathing will be re-nailed to ensure a firm attachment to the rafters. A more rigid roof structure keeps the new shingles and underlayment intact upon installation.

Now that the decking looks new again, the roofers will start installing the first few components including the drip edges, ice and water shields, and the underlayment. Felt material is often used as underlayment material, though the synthetic one offers better waterproofing and protection against moisture damage.

Roof Covering Installation

The next phase of the project involves the installation of the asphalt shingles. Roofers follow the roofing manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure proper installation. They work from the bottom up, starting from with the starter shingles. Each row of shingles is staggered to prevent water from seeping into the underlayment. Roofers use nails to hold the materials in place, making sure to follow the right placement, which is under the shingles’ tar strips.

The roof covering installation won’t be complete without the flashings. These roof components are installed over roof joints to keep rainwater or melted snow out. Certain areas of the roof require different forms of flashing. Step and counter-flashing are used around chimneys, for instance.

Cleanup and Final Inspection

Roof replacement can take days to complete depending on the size and pitch of the roof and other requirements. At the end of each workday, the crew sees to it that the job site is cleaned. They remove scattered debris and stray nails in the yard and keep tools and equipment back to their original place.

This goes on until completion, where the old materials and debris are disposed of. The coverings on your yard will also be removed by then. The roofers will then perform a meticulous post-roofing inspection to ensure every step of the roof replacement has been done correctly.

For your roof replacement needs, turn to Precision Remodeling Solutions. We are a GAF-certified roofing contractor, which means you get nothing but the best in both excellent products and top-notch workmanship backed by one of the best warranties in the industry. Give us a call at  (215) 360-5857 or fill out our contact form to request an estimate.

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